Canal Lounge

  • Location: Minato Ward, Tokyo
  • Type: Interior
  • Team:

    Design team: Jorge Almazán, Masaru Shibata, Iván Pazos, Rumi Okazaki, Alejandro Pineda

    Acoustic consulting: Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Structural consulting: Enshu Structural Consultants

    Construction: Shimizu Building Life Care (SBLC), Shimizu Corporation’s Tokyo Mokkoujou


This project transformed a commercial space into a lounge and conference rooms in one of Tokyo’s residential towers located along a canal. Selected in a competition after receiving the majority of the residents’ votes, our proposal is based on a curved wooden wall that links all the spaces and creates a sense of warmth and softness.


We designed a multipurpose room and two conference rooms, maximizing use versatility. Individual residents can use the multipurpose room as a lounge to relax and groups as a communal room for gatherings and meals. We included a long, curved bench to increase the seating space and allow large resident meetings. The two office spaces are also versatile since they can be joined by opening a movable partition to create a large conference room.


We gave particular care to the sound insulation to avoid disturbing neighbors of the adjacent apartments. We blocked out-going noises by installing double windows and soundproofing all the walls. In addition, we exposed the ventilation ducts and air conditioning equipment under the ceiling, allowing tight and continuous ceiling soundproofing. We also addressed the interior acoustic comfort. The curved walls contribute to dispersing the sound and avoiding echoes, and the ceiling and floors were finished with sound-absorbing materials.


We made a special effort to introduce natural wood. The strict fire regulations of residential towers limit the palette of materials, which tend to lack expression and tactile richness. By fire-proofing the wooden slats covering the curved wall, we managed to use natural wood and enhance its natural beauty. The wood’s warmth and the curved wall’s softness create a distinct atmosphere rarely seen in large-scale condominiums.