Yagami Lounge

  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Type: Interior
  • Team:

    Jorge Almazán (architect in charge) + Almazán Laboratory (Moe Kusano, Kotaro Sato, Tomoya Banno, Guilherme Monte, Luís Gustavo de Araujo)

  • Floor Area: 86 m2

This is an interior renovation project for the faculty cafeteria in Yagami Campus, Keio University. We aim to create a space not only for having lunch, but also for relaxing, talking, and gathering: a lounge for informal communication. We removed the existing ceiling and exposed the mechanical and structural space to achieve more spaciousness, and we wrapped the room with OSB boards to unify the space. In this wrapping we inserted white niches as doors and banquette seating. Four lighting ducts create a homogeneous lighting, and we provided more concentrated light along the banquette seating with wall lights. The lighting is adjustable and can create different light moods for day and night scenes.